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The best way to learn is by doing

Training students on modern IT technology is notoriously difficult and costly. Providing the right environment and tools to allow them to learn the operational aspects of any software is time consuming.

Our Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) is platform agnostic making it possible to use any infrastructure anywhere in the world and reduce infrastructure costs.

A typical student complaint is that they never have enough practical experience after a training course. They spend most of their time going over slides and text, and not enough time in the system.

With our ILE, you spend all your time in the system. The ILE combines the training manuals with the training environment.

Today’s highly fast-changing technology can easily lead to complex infrastructures and differing levels of knowledge in your teams

ILE is built by an operations team and focuses specifically on developing IT talent in all IT technical roles, by lowering the barrier of setting up and using test environment.

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Technology is bringing a massive wave of evolution to learning things in different ways.

Cloud services and Metal on demand per hour.

Cloud agnostic | Infrastructure as a service | AWS | Azure | Google | IBM | DO | Networking as a service | Cloud connect | Metal as a service | Kubernetes on demand | Openstack | CI / CD environments on demand| Dev / test environments on demand | Pay As You Go and Budget friendly.

Software Development

Frontend | Backend | Full Stack | CI/CD management | Java | Javascript | Kotlin | NodeJS | VueJS | dotNet

DevOps services & Dev / Test environments

DevOps as a service | Enterprise knowledge and experience without the long term investments | CI / CD as a service | Kubernetes and Openstack environments available on demand per hour | Test safely before you deploy to your or our production environment | Pay as you go!

Online Courses 24/7

Use our Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) to learn and practice the newest tech stacks | All environments are provided immediately | Ubuntu Basic | Ubuntu Advanced | Cisco

Openstack Operators Course

Learn how to operate a fully functioning 10 node minimum openstack environment based on the Canonical developed JUJU based openstack.

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). Includes 3 node cluster!

All you need to learn for the CKAD exam | Online 3 node cluster environments provided | All you need is an internet connection | broken environments are automatically replaced